Lion of concrete left

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Decorative dignified figure in the garden - concrete lion left . The shop we also offer lion right SKUs in 1695 , and other models of lions.
Figure paved the beautiful lion with a shield decorated gates , fences , entrance to the house , arranges garden. Decorative figure of a lion is made of white concrete , slightly patinated . Lion sitting a decoration to the garden , to the terrace , to the park, on the grounds of general interest.

Lion - prosperity gotten own strength , dynamism and majesty ...
Being hunted by - fall from grace boss ...
Kill him - a victory in the fight against the powerful enemy ...
The skin of a lion - it is symbolic of wealth and recognized by others majesty ...
Roaring - great personal danger , it is better to withdraw from their plans ...
In the cage - defeated powerful enemy , the real success ...
Tame - a powerful new friend ...
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Product weight
40 kg
Product height
55 cm
Dimensions base
30 cm x 20 cm
Czas realizacji
Na zamówienie 3-14 dni
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