Decorative figurine - poodle dog

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Concrete big dog poodle - dog outgoing, energetic - we as a figure garden to any garden .

The concrete statue of a dog breed poodle - a large statue garden to decorate your home and garden. Decorative figurine of a dog symbolizes fidelity , protection , courage , friendship , alertness .
Decorative Figure is made of white concrete , lightly patinated , resistant to harsh weather conditions ...

Interesting fact :
Tail wagging the dog - loyal, true friend ...
Barking - your friend in distress ...
Play - all problems and troubles will cease to have a meaning for you ...
Barking - menacingly warning against foreign ...
Barking happily - and idyll joy hearth ...
On a leash - you need to keep enemies at bay ...
On a chain - beware of thieves ...
Pungent up - quarrel in the family ...
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Product weight
42 kg
Product height
48 cm
Dimensions base
41 cm x 22 cm
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