Decorative figurine - kitten


Decorative figure of a lying cat - the sculpture of the cat is made of white concrete and is frost-resistant.

czas_realizacji : Na zamówienie 3-14 dni

A concrete cat, curled up in a "ball", is a decoration for every home, garden, terrace and plot. The sculpture of a kitten is a statue of a real cat - it can commemorate a kitten that has passed away.
Cats look beautiful by the fireplace, at the door, in front of the gate and among the vegetation, around the pond or by the garden fountain.

We offer a wide range of concrete decorative animal figures, including cats, dogs, lions, horses, frogs and more.

More Information
Product weight16 kg
Product height17 cm
Dimensions base39 cm x 29 cm
Czas realizacjiNa zamówienie 3-14 dni
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