Concrete sculpture of Eve with apple - 61 cm

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Figurine of naked Eve with an apple, a beautiful decoration of the house and garden, made of white concrete, in an antique style.
Ewa figurine is a good gift idea for her, for Valentine's Day, Grandma's Day, Mother's Day, Holy Communion, Confirmation, wedding, anniversary and many other celebrations.

According to the Bible, the first woman, the mother of all people is Eva. The first was created by God, a woman from the rib of the husband. Eve was tempted by Satan (in the form of a serpent), she persuaded her husband Adam to try the forbidden fruit (often presented as an apple) from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which led them to death on Earth and exiled themselves from Eden (Paradise).
Also available is a concrete figure of Ewa 120 cm - SKU 1332 and a figure of Ewa 95 cm high SKU 1382.

More Information
Product weight
11 kg
Product height
61 cm
The diameter of the base
ø 16 cm
Czas realizacji
Na zamówienie 3-14 dni
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