Beast from concrete right site


A pensive beast, a mysterious, fairy-tale troll - an ornament, a decorative element for buildings, gates or as a stand-alone concrete figurine will fit perfectly into a garden or home scenery. It is a highly durable and high-quality sculpture that is sure to attract attention.

czas_realizacji : Na zamówienie 3-14 dni

Beast - a sculptural architectural detail in the form of a human, animal or fancy head, often with grotesque features and a fancy hairstyle.

Beast of concrete - a decorative figurine to decorate the house and garden. The garden figurine is resistant to weather conditions, it is made of white concrete and patinated with waterproof paint to emphasize the charm of the figurine.

For the set, we recommend a beast made of concrete - left-sided SKU 2053.

More Information
Product weight7 kg
Product height19 cm
Dimensions base24 cm x 14 cm
Czas realizacjiNa zamówienie 3-14 dni
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